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Mallama was founded in 2019 on one simple premise – every man deserves a high-performance skincare product that leaves them and the planet looking good and feeling good. In the first chapter of our journey, we’re committed towards paving the way forward for the future generations of men who are looking to treat their skin the way that it deserves to be treated, while remaining environmentally conscious all at the same time.

Together with our customers, we hope to push the skincare industry forward through a new model of business through the use of only all natural ingredients and the embrace of sustainability best practices.

Today, we remain confident that our approach to skincare is going to set us apart in the industry because we know exactly what our customers expect in their products.

Our Products

Here at Mallama, we’ve worked hard to craft the very finest line of natural skincare products for men that the world has ever seen. Through the use of only all natural ingredients, we strive to bring a new vision of skincare forth to ensure that men have access to the safe and effective formulas that they need to look and feel their best.


Every step of the way, we’ve worked to help reduce the environmental impact that our work has on the planet. Working towards eliminating our carbon footprint through our sourcing and production methods, Mallama is proud to promote environmental consciousness through our efforts.

We donate 1% of each and every sale to help fight climate change and global warming. In addition, we package all of our products in post-recycled or highly recyclable containers to ensure that we pay our role in reducing waste and promoting the health of the world that we know and love.

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Mallama Skincare   16410 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703   1-844-569-7831