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Our Founder



Mallama was founded by Rish Sharma in 2018. Rish is a dedicated and experienced entrepreneur with roots that extend back to his early days in building impact DTC businesses that give back to the community.

As a proud proponent for health, wellness, and personal care, Rish set out on a mission to develop a comprehensive men’s skincare brand specifically designed to give men only the ingredients that their body requires for optimal skin health – all while pursuing a larger goal for sustainability.

“Our goal was to make the perfect skincare regimen – something super simple, comprehensive, and effective. It’s easy to move from one product in the regimen to the next, and so on because the formula is all natural, and ethically-sourced. The ingredients that we use are easy and gentle on the skin, virtually eliminating redness and breakouts with every application.”

“Mallama exists to make skincare more seamless and more enjoyable – and in the future, we’re going to continue striving to innovate and create more products that do the same for today’s, tomorrow’s and the future generations of men to come.”

“At Mallama, we’ve got our eyes set on something bigger – this is just the beginning.”

Mallama Skincare   16410 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703   1-844-569-7831