9 Reasons Why You Need A Toner!

Grooming experts world over vouch for the CETM skincare or the cleansing, Exfoliating toning and moisturizing routine. It must be followed daily twice a day, in the morning and at night.
CETM procedure helps to clean impurities, remove dead skin cells, tone up your skin, and to provide the required hydration.
Of these, many follow cleansing and moisturizing without fail, but using a face toner often is not considered as seriously as it should be. It could be because not many are aware of how beneficial a facial toner can be to skin health.
If you understand the properties and benefits of a facial toner, you will never again shy away from using it.

Why You Should Include A Toner In Your Skin Care Routine?

1. It restores the skin’s pH balance

Your skin is naturally acidic with a pH level ranging from five to six. When your skin maintains its pH level, it prevents germs and bacteria from attacking the skin, thus preventing breakouts. Skin with normal pH also remains hydrated, soft, and healthy. Anything more or less than the natural pH value of your skin will mean harm.
Cleansers are alkaline and thus end up disrupting the inherent pH value of the skin. The sensitive skin will then try to work overtime, trying to get back to its normal level. It will mean extra sebum production turning your skin oily and thus inviting germs and bacteria, and accelerating acne formation.
A vitamin e packed toner helps in restoring the pH value lost by cleansing and thus maintains the health and vigor of your skin, ensuring clear, moisturized, and healthy skin.


2. It completes the cleaning job

The CETM process is meant to clear your skin off harsh impurities, stubborn dirt, and dead skin cells. While cleansing can remove a major part of the impurities, there will be some that refuse to go.
Best Toners are liquid in form and thus help in complete cleansing, ensuring dirt that cleansing has left out is removed. It also cleans the pores from within. Cleansers may not be able to remove certain pollutants on the skin.
An alcohol-free formula toner can effectively remove harsh environmental toxins and chemicals accumulated on your skin. The result is a healthier and improved complexion.

3. It shrinks and tightens pores

Open and large pores are an open invitation to dirt and germs. When such impurities and germs accumulate on the skin, it leads to infections such as acne. A toner cleans the pores, tightens and shrinks them, thus preventing the entry of toxins and pollutants.
The skin also becomes smooth, clean, and fresh, making it harder for debris to penetrate the skin layers. Thus a toner serves a dual purpose.

4. It prevents breakouts

Skin breakouts can be painful and embarrassing. If not treated, it could also lead to more harsh effects in the long run. It occurs mainly due to the clogging of pores due to the accumulation of sweat, impurities, and oil. That is why oily skin is more prone to breakouts resulting in pimples and acne. Toners remove dirt and oil build-up, and prevent skin agitation, thus controlling pimples and other skin breakouts. 
Toners are also helpful in preventing summer breakouts which happens with almost all skin types. You sweat more in summer, resulting in oil, impurities, and sweat clogging up pores. Those with oily skin may suffer the most as their skin is prone to breakouts in all seasons, but summers make it worse.
Toners remove dirt accumulation and prevent acne and ­­­­­­­­­­­­other skin issues during summer.

Ingredient list to Looks For By Skin Type

If you have oily skin or acne-prone skin, use toners with vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid or glycolic acid to control oil production.
If you have Normal skin, use toners with vitamin e, witch hazel leaf extract, rose water or hamamelis virginiana
If you have sensitive skin, use toners with vitamin e, hydroxy acid or Lavandula Angustifolia
If you have Dry skin, use toners with vitamin e, lavender or aloe vera
If you have Combination skin, use toners with vitamin e, aloe vera, or cucumber extract

5. It provides nourishment and hydration

Cleansing can leave your skin dry and tight. When you use a toner right after cleansing, hydrating ingredients present in the toner keep the skin moist and remove the dryness. It thus prepares your skin for the next step, moisturizing.
Damp skin can absorb moisturizers better than dry skin. Hence, toners help in better absorption of moisturizer and contribute to more nourished and healthier skin. Certain toners can also act as humectants, helping the moisturizing ingredients to bind better with the skin.


6. It refreshes the skin and reduces fine lines

Toners also help rejuvenate and refresh your skin, while avoiding fine lines. You can also use a toner at times other than the CETM schedule to revitalize your skin when needed.


7. It gives the skin an extra layer of protection

Facial Toners help in tightening cell gaps and close pores. It thus provides an extra layer of protection to the skin as contaminants are unable to enter the skin.
Did you know that when you wash your face with tap water, chlorine and other minerals can end up in your skin? Toners can help remove such chemicals as well.

8. It prevents ingrown hairs

Toners are also helpful in preventing ingrown hairs. Not all toners are useful thus, but only the ones with ingredient list containing alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid. You can use the toner on your skin after waxing to ensure the smoothness of your skin lasts and does not get disrupted by ingrown hairs.

9. It can be used in emergencies too

Carry a hydrating facial toner in a spray bottle in your bag. You can spray it on your face to cool and relax your skin when you are outdoors. Such toners are especially useful in flights. The in-flight atmosphere can dry up your skin and make you uncomfortable. Spray a little toner, and your skin will be fine.
Alcohol-free Toners can also be excellent activators instead of water for other beauty products.
Your skin health and youthfulness can be maintained with due care. Skin Toners with their multiple and long-lasting benefits can be a nourishment booster for your skin, ensuring it is free of blemishes, acne, and pimples. A nourished skin will remain healthy and beautiful, giving you a fresh look all the time.

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