What are the Top Health Benefits of Sugarcane Extract in Skin Care?


  • A glimpse of the health benefits of sugarcane,
  • Sugarcane contains many alpha-hydroxy acids and antioxidants,
  • Sugarcane extract can moisturize the skin and cure acne,
  • Tips to incorporate sugarcane extract in your skincare routine.

If you have ever stopped by a sugarcane juice vendor on a sunny day, you would agree that a glass of sugarcane juice is genuinely refreshing and offers instant relief from the heat. We all know that sugarcane is a form of a tropical grass used for sugar production. But did you know that sugarcane is also an excellent source of many popular skincare products?

Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) Extract is commonly used as an antiseptic and works as a natural exfoliant that helps the skin remain silky smooth and brighten its appearance.

Sugarcane is a must for skincare

A Glimpse of this Sweet Grass - Saccharum Officinarum:

Saccharum officinarum or sugarcane is a member of the grass family and is the source of nearly 70% of the globally produced sugar.

Sugarcane is expected to have originated in New Guinea and was taken to America by the great explorer, Christopher Columbus in 1943. Today, more than 70 countries, predominantly in the tropical and subtropical regions, grow sugarcane on a large scale. India and Brazil are the dominant manufacturers and suppliers of sugarcane.

Sugarcane and sugarcane extracts have many hidden benefits. So, let us take a peep into them before we discuss how these extracts can add benefits to your skincare regime.

Why Sugarcane extract is amazing for our skin?

#1. Sugarcane extract is a major powerhouse of lactic acids as well as glycolic acids:

Lactic acids help the skin remain silky smooth, owing to its moisturizing and exfoliation capacities. Lactic acids help in eliminating the dry and dead skin cells and enhancing the growth of new cells.

On the other hand, glycolic acids have very small molecular structures that allow them to penetrate deep into the skin. This feature of glycolic acid paves the way for better cellular renewal.

#2. Sugarcane helps protect the skin from sunburn:

Sugarcane is a rich source of antioxidants and flavonoids, and hence, it helps our skin combat the harmful effects of UV rays and prevents free radical damage.

#3. Takes care of dry scalp:

Sugarcane juice, due to its hydrating properties, nourishes the scalp continuously and eliminates dry scalp issues.

#4. Loaded with vitamins that foster the growth of shiny hair:

Sugarcane juice is often looked at as a health drink. It is loaded with many essential vitamins, like B12, C, and A, as well as minerals like zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

These vitamins and minerals are all required for the growth of healthy and shiny hair.

#5. Acts as a good hair conditioner:

The high moisture content of sugarcane makes it a perfect hair conditioner. It helps detangle the hair, conditions it, and makes it look more luscious.

So, if you feel that you have been having a lot of hair fall, you can use ingredients that contain sugarcane extracts as a natural remedy. Sugarcane extracts, thus, not only prevent hair fall but also help in enhancing its texture.

#6. Clears skin imperfections:

A parched skin does not give a healthy look. Applying moisturizers and facial oils may not be sufficient at all times, and hence, one might as well look for natural remedies. Take a look at skincare ingredients containing sugarcane extracts.

The Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that form a natural constituent of sugarcane juice is supposed to be loaded with skincare benefits. AHAs help combat acne, minimize blemishes, delay aging, and also help keep the skin hydrated.

Applying sugarcane juice to your regular facial scrub or face mask will make your skin look more radiant. This will also act as a natural cure for parched skin. Furthermore, the glycolic acid in sugarcane helps fade dark spots.

By now, it must be clear that sugarcane and sugarcane extracts are a great natural ingredient in skincare.

No doubt, sugarcane extracts are used extensively in global cosmetics and skincare products. Therefore, you might also want to know more about how sugarcane extracts can benefit your skincare routine.

Let us take a look at it below:

How Sugarcane Extracts Benefit Your Skin Care Routine

Sugarcane is a must in our skincare routine

A. Moisturizers

Saccharum officinarum or sugarcane extract is a beneficial moisturizing ingredient typically used as a humectant. By humectant, we mean that it can help the skin attract water and also retain it.

Hence, sugarcane extracts, being a popular source of AHAs and hydroxyacetic acid, are quite popular in various moisturizing products as well as products that target skin issues, like acne and blackheads.

B. Exfoliators

Saccharum officinarum is a popular ingredient in sugar scrubs and exfoliating products. Sugarcane products act more gently than other exfoliating products and can well be suited to sensitive skin.

They work by removing the dead skin cells from the skin's surface and giving it a uniform look. They also make the skin radiant in this process.

C. Face masks

Saccharum officinarum extracts or sugarcane is extremely useful in minimizing blemishes and keeping the skin hydrated. Hence, they have been popularly used as ingredients in various facemasks.

The therapeutic properties of sugarcane extracts heal the skin on the face more quickly and keep it hydrated from within.

To make a face mask at home, you can simply add some Multani mitti to sugarcane juice. Apply the mask on your face and neck and keep it for about 20 minutes and then wipe away the mask with a wet towel. Your face will feel supple, hydrated, and rejuvenated.

D. Anti-aging Creams

According to Stylecraze, sugarcane extract is alkalizing and a rich source of potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and antioxidants.

However, it’s most important constituents are the phytonutrients that can reverse sun damage on the skin. This can help you heal untimely wrinkles and look young and energized throughout the day.

E. Cure for Acne

Apart from hydrating and anti-aging benefits, a regular application of sugarcane extracts has been found effective in curing skin problems like acne.

The alpha-hydroxy acids present in sugarcane can heal acne naturally without drying out your skin.

Sugarcane extract will benefit your skin health in many ways and is no wonder a sweet pact to good skin health.

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