How To Wash Your Face: Yes, There’s A Right Way To Do It!

Trial and error. That’s how most men find their grooming regimen. It is hardly ever based on sound concepts of skin care. It is why most of them get it utterly wrong.

There is a technique to expurgating the face of all things dirty, grimy, and oily. If you use the wrong face wash, if you do it imperfectly or if you fail in the after-care, your skin isn't going to thank you. If you think that you do it correctly, we bet our lucky socks you don't.

A Straightforward 5-Step Guide To Washing Your Face The Right Way!

Thankfully, you’re not alone. Most men don’t know the cornerstones of a proper skincare routine. Water and soap don’t cut it anymore. The skin has a pH of 5.5 while water + soap make for an alkaline mixture. Plus, washing the grime away is not as simple as it seems. Here’s our short guide to a fail-safe way of washing your face, accurately.

First, Get To Know Your Skin Type

No, the right face wash is not the one with the fancy bottle. To get to a face wash that isn’t strong, and singularly unpalatable for your skin, knowing your skin type is essential. Three (or so), that’s the total number of skin types. Which one are you?

  • You’re oily if the face has frequent breakouts or a layer of greasiness even five minutes after washing!
  • You’re dry if the face has recurring rashes or irritation or feels tight following a shave or wash.
  • You’re average if the face has neither frequent breakouts nor irritation. It means a normal skin that is never too dry or too oily.

Is that it? Well, no. There are a few outliers too. A few blokes are cursed with a combination skin where patches of skin are incredibly oily and others completely dry. Also, seasons tend to change skin types and your face wash should alter accordingly.

Second, Pick The Right Face Wash

Find the right face wash based on the kind of skin you have. For instance, if you’re prone to shiny-face, a face wash that combats oil is best. Something with small amounts of salicylic acid would be helpful.

In case you're blessed with a dry-ish skin tone, then a more sensible alternative would be a face wash that is free of zinc sulfate, calcium chloride, and benzoyl peroxide. These chemicals act as astringents and lead to unnecessary drying.

If you’re short on time and don’t want to check the ingredients at the back of the bottle, here’s a shortcut. Most face washes for men have the skin type printed on the front. Select the one that befits you.

Third, Know When To Wash The Face

No matter which skin type you are or what form of face wash you buy (gel, foam, liquid, etc.), be sure to wash your face two times a day. The first time is right after you’ve had a shower in the morning. Yes, after the shower not before it. If you wash the face first, odds are debris and residue from the hair will drip down and cling to the skin. It defeats the purpose of cleaning the face!

After doing all ablutions, give the face a quick wash. It will rebalance the pH of the skin.

The second time is in the evening after you return from a full day of work. Throughout the day, skin pores collect debris. This is particularly valid for city-dwellers. Getting rid of the grime and cleansing properly, after a workday, has the biggest impact out of all your grooming routines.

Fourth, This Is How You Wash It

Take a small amount of the face wash (a dime-sized amount to be precise) in your palm. Add a bit of water to create some lather. Rub this on your face. Gently. Your face is not a wingtip shoe you’re trying to clean. Ergo, work the face wash slowly, deliberately. Cover the neck and reach your hairline. Let the lather sit for 10 to 15 seconds and then rinse off.

The Do’s And Don’ts

  • Don’t rub the skin hard; else it will cause irritation and stretch out the facial skin.
  • Do wait for a few seconds before rinsing to help the skin absorb the face wash and clean it better.
  • Do not use hot or cold water for washing. Lukewarm is your friend. It is a myth that changing the temperature of the water from scorching to chilly aids in opening and closing the pores. All it does is aggravate your skin. Eventually, it may also rupture a few blood vessels.

Fifth, Don’t Leave It Hanging Dry

The flawless way to washing your face doesn’t end with patting or air drying the skin. The last stage is moisturizing (even for oily skins). We know, you consider applying a lotion or cream an afterthought, but it is the only barrier to the wreck caused by pollution and daily life. A good moisturizer will:

  • Give you a glowing finish.
  • Keep the skin youthful and fresh.
  • Act as a fence to all the dirt that’s desperate to be on your face.

If you want to stop the pores from being clogged by offensive microscopic particles, apply it after every wash.

Man Washing Face

While living in a busy metro has its conveniences, but the game of cross and knots it plays on the skin is not. The standard splash-some-water-on-the-face doesn’t cut it here.

To mitigate the impact of the battery of tests the face goes through everyday, you need to up the grooming game.

When we say grooming, we don’t mean enhancing what you’ve got. We suggest preserving the skin you have by protecting it to the best of your ability. Remember the best defense is an outstanding offense, and the correct way to wash your face leads it.

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