When, How ‘To’ & How ‘Not To’ Use a Moisturizer For Men

The living and environmental conditions in the cities today have made it mandatory for everyone to use a moisturizer, for they adversely affect the skin, thereby making it damaged and dry. However, most of us do not follow the right method of application of a moisturizer or the right time to do so. There is a certain way to apply a skincare product, and if you are dabbing it on your skin anytime and anyhow you wish, then you will not get the results you want.

Learn to use your moisturizer in the right way, and achieve a skin which glows with softness and good health.

The right way of applying a moisturizer

You must be wondering what is the big deal in using a moisturizer. You just take how much you need and then slather it wherever you want on your skin. Right? No, Wrong!

Here is how you should go about it.

  • Wash your face with clean water.
  • Take a coin-sized amount onto your palm. Put dots of it on your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck.
  • Start massaging from the centre of your forehead. Move your hands upwards and out. Ensure that the entire forehead is moisturised.
  • Next, rub the moisturizer evenly on the nose and then move towards the cheeks.
  • Now move towards the chin and gently massage it by moving your hands sideways.
  • Then, apply the moisturizer on the neck using upward motion.
  • When applying under the eye area, use your ring finger and pat it gently.
  • Let it soak.

The right time to apply the moisturizer

Man Applying Moisturizer on her face

After the shower

Your skin tends to get dry after a hot shower. Give it a little love with your moisturizer. You should apply it on your face, neck and hands.

As a part of the CTM routine

Follow the CTM or the Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising routine daily to enhance the health of your skin. While you end your cleanup routine with a moisturizer, ensure that you apply it well and wait for some time to allow its absorption. You can apply makeup a couple of minutes thereafter.

You can also moisturise your face after you wash or cleanse it. A handy tip is to apply the moisturizer before your face dries up after cleansing. This will facilitate better penetration of the moisturizer into the deeper layers of the skin.

In the Morning and at night

These two times are the most suited for moisturising your skin. No matter if you are about to head out or plan to stay at home, moisturising your skin is always a good idea to give your skin the much-needed hydration. Also, a moisturizer is essential to use before you do your makeup.

Use an overnight moisturizer or a regular one before you sleep. Gently apply it all over your face, neck, hands and feet, and leave it overnight.

Apply your moisturizer in case of breakouts

When you have a breakout, you may want to skip using all the products. You can give every makeup or skincare product a miss, except for the moisturizer. Lending enough moisture to the skin will calm the acne and also help in reducing the discomfort.

A moisturizer is a must while flying

You might have felt your skin turning dry and stretched during flights. The air inside the cabin tends to make your skin dry. What you should do in this case is to cleanse your face before you take the flight and dab your moisturizer. Instead of your regular cleanser, use micellar water, as it does not require rinsing. Repeat the process when you land. Moisturising is especially beneficial for people with dry skin, as the moisturizer already applied gets soaked up by the time the flight lands.

Makeup or no makeup, moisturizer is a must

Applying a moisturizer before your makeup certainly helps to set it well, but you should also remember to moisturise your skin even if you plan to go without makeup. The moisturizer will smooth your skin and cover your skin imperfections as well.

The rules for using a moisturizer

Men Moisturizer

Buy a product that suits your skin type

A moisturizer that works for your friend may not be the best one for you. Buy the one which suits your skin fine and gives it exactly what it needs. No matter what type of skin you have, avoid using the products with strong fragrances and too many chemicals. Always opt for mild moisturizers with natural ingredients.

Do a patch test before buying a moisturizer

Patch-testing is utmost necessary for those with sensitive skin. Just as you test your lipstick shade, apply a little moisturizer on the back of your hand to see if it triggers an allergic reaction, such as itching or irritation. Patch-testing will help check the feel of the product for people with other skin types, too, other than sensitive.

Be gentle and do not rub

You should not rub any product too hard on your skin. Always gently massage the moisturizer on the skin to increase blood circulation and ensure better absorption. Rubbing your skin too much can lead to inflammation.

Day and night moisturizers need to be different

The needs of your skin during the day and the night are different. So, it is best to use the moisturizer which suits the part of the day. The one with SPF is suitable for daytime, as it will also lend sun protection; however, avoid using a moisturizer with SPF at night. You will need a product that can repair your skin while you sleep. Look for products with retinol and peptides for they help repair and nourish your skin.

Never neglect your neck


Most of us will pay much attention to our face but often neglect the neck. It is one of the first areas which displays the signs of ageing. Hence, include your neck every time you follow a skincare regimen. When you apply a moisturizer, ensure that your neck gets covered, too, and gets enough hydration.

Too much and too little, both do not work

You should always use the right amount if you want it to work. Take only a quarter-size amount of moisturizer, as more than that would mean only layering your skin with the product without having any results. Your skin needs the space to absorb it, and hence, only a little amount is required. At the same time, you need enough to cover your face and neck area.

Just dabbing the moisturizer on the face is not enough. You should also apply it the right way and use it at the right times. A moisturizer is one of the most useful skincare products, and when used correctly, it can do wonders to your skin. It will also have significant benefits for the skin in the long run. Well-hydrated skin is always healthy and well-nourished. Take care of your skin now so that it pays dividends later.

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