Beard It Like Beckham: Tips To Maintain A Beard!

Lose your beard and you lose your soul. - Anonymous

While Beckham has been winning over hearts with his unreal football skills, his beard styles aren’t far behind in sending the hearts of his female fans aflutter! Beards have long been associated with masculinity and machismo. It’s pretty simple to grow a beard - but, you’ve got to maintain it too.

Not that you have to be a Pogonologist to sport and maintain a great beard! Just follow the tips mentioned below.

Tips To Maintain An Awesome Beard!

The following is a complete guide to maintain a beard. Let’s breakdown the grooming process into the following parts: Cleaning, Combing and Brushing, and Styling.


1. Beard Wash:

It is not advisable to wash the beard every day as it will make it dry. Washing it couple of days in a week is sufficient. Though many might use shampoos for washing beards, a beard wash is, however, better than shampoo as it helps the skin to retain the nutrients and cleanse without damaging the skin.

As against a shampoo, the beard wash is gentle on the skin and therefore it makes sense to use a beard wash especially if one has the habit of cleaning the beard regularly as regular use of shampoos will make the skin brittle.

2. Beard Softener:

Beard Softener acts as a conditioner; it is to be applied during the shower and then rinsed off later, just before coming out of the shower. This helps to set the base for easy styling of the beard, and also hydrates the beard.

Ensure that the beard softener is free of paraben, sulfate, and silicone.

Combing and Brushing

Once the beard is cleaned and moisturized, it has to be tamed by combing it to look perfect. With some people, beards can grow in various directions, and here’s when combing tools come in handy. A proper comb should have a dual combination of a broad and narrow tooth, the former for untying knotty beards and the latter for combing the mustache.

Combing helps to grow hair downwards as opposed to outwards and also helps to protect against dandruff. After applying beard oil, combing helps to distribute the oil evenly.

Brushing helps to penetrate deeper than combing and helps to reach deep buried hair inside the beard. Using a Boar's Bristle Brush (A brush made of boar hair) is ideal for making the hair grow in a particular desired direction. The advantage of these brushes is that they have a clean, well-defined texture for cleaning the dust and dirt and stimulating circulation.

  • Combing is essential, especially if one sports a hipster beard.
  • Brushing helps to add volume and puffiness to a beard.
  • However, in case one sports stubble or just a few weeks of growth, do not engage in frequent brushing as it may irritate the skin.
  • Brushing is a vigorous activity and hence if done too frequently (more than once in a day) may lead to hair damage. Combing, on the other hand, can be performed a few more times in a day as it does not penetrate deep.
  • Kent has a range of brushes and combs to choose from and is a popular option for its variety of combs. Viking Revolution has choices in wooden combs. Striking Viking is good for foldable combs.

Beard Styling

Photographer: christian buehner | Source: Unsplash

1. Beard Oil

Beard oil acts as both as a moisturizing and conditioning agent and helps to keep the beard hydrated all day. Beard oil is applied after a shower (especially a warm bath) as post-shower the pores open up quickly, which in turn helps to absorb the oils effectively. Using beard oil helps make combing more comfortable and also prevents itchiness.

Beard oils come in various combinations of carrier and essential oils found on the skin. So consider beard oil containing jojoba oil before trying other variants. Coming to essential oils, these add the necessary aroma, and some have added benefits of promoting blood circulation that, in turn, promotes beard growth.

  • Go in for natural oils rather than silicon-based beard oils. While silicone based ones give that shiny look, they fail to nourish.
  • Do stay clear of citrus-based oils in case of sensitive skin.

2. Beard Balm

Beard balm is known by various names like beard butter, beard wax, beard cream and so on. Slightly heavier that beard oil, this must also be applied post-shower, as the skin is most receptive then.  Beard balm has an excellent conditioning effect and hence makes the beard more adaptable.

Ancient royal messages from the kings would have three beard hairs attached to the wax seal to add authenticity and earnestness.

Some Beard Styling Tips:

1. Shape the beard according to the proportion of the face

While there are no hard and fast rules in shaping the beard, having a beard in proportion to the structure of the face will actually add to the face value! For narrow faces, a vast beard may be overpowering; hence, a lighter beard is better. For those with more full faces and jawbones, a thicker beard may look good.

2. Invest in good trimmers:

A dull razor will not suffice when it comes to styling, be it a long beard or stubble. Hence it is wise to invest in a proper trimmer.

  • Buy a trimmer with click on guards and clipper combs for stubble as well as in various lengths.
  • A trimmer with wet and dry option is ideal.

The Philips Norelco One Blade Face + Body is a popular choice, and it has also won the best beard trimmer award at the Grooming Awards 2019.

3. Sport a well-defined neckline

The beard neckline should resemble a U. Robert McMillen, founder, and head barber at Mildred Barbershop gives some tips on getting that perfect U neckline.

  • Place the index and middle finger together above Adam's apple to determine the baseline for the bottom of the beard.
  • From this point set a line straight across the neck with the trimmer/razor and then start trimming the hairs below.
  • After this, from this point above the Adam's apple, try to shave a U shape from the backside of both ears behind the jawline. This forms the basic neckline.

4. Shape the Sideburns

For those with a long beard, it is always good to define the sideburns (where the hair on the head ends and where the beard hair begins). One can easily demarcate this by using clippers, or a combination of clippers and comb to taper this area.

Gold Beards were in rage during ancient Egyptian times. Men used to dye their beards and then plate them gold to show their high-ranking position.

Bonus: Some Interesting Beard Trivia

  • Late Hans Nilsen Langseth belonging to Norway is popularly known as the King of Whiskers as he holds the world record for the longest beard measuring 17-feet, 6-inches long. 
  • Sarwan Singh from Canada is the current record holder with his beard measuring 8-feet and 2.5-inches.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the first US president to sport a beard.

Today there are numerous options available in the market for maintaining an awesome Beard. By choosing the right products and maintenance techniques, one can carry their beard with confidence and pride!

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