6 Tips 40-Somethings Need To Know About Skincare

"Aging is a fact of life. Looking at your age is not."- Dr. Howard Murad

With age comes wisdom as well as wrinkles. While aging is a fact of life, looking your age is not. So caring for your skin in your 40's will ensure that you age gracefully. Not all men peak in their twenties. After all, like fine wines, some men do look great when they hit their forties. So fret not; if you have entered your forties, you are definitely in the big league of Hollywood's famous personalities and also share the stage with many global celebrities who look more handsome in their forties.

Remember Hollywood celebrities like Bradley Cooper or eminent sports personalities like David Beckham? The older they get, the more everybody likes them! While the salt and pepper hair and rugged looks go on well with some men when they hit their forties, one must start early to maintain healthy skin and complexion.

This is because the '40s are the years that bring out the most visible signs of aging, namely wrinkles and fine lines, reminding one constantly that you are well past your prime. So how do you counteract this decline? Well, the key to youthful skin in the forties goes beyond the typical cleanser and moisturizer. Here are some tips that 40-somethings need to know and follow about Skincare.

What 40-Somethings Need to know about Skincare?

#1. Incorporate Retinoids

Retinoids are Vitamin A derivatives that are often touted by dermatologists to reduce the visible signs of aging like crow's feet and wrinkles. Retinoids accomplish this task by enhancing the production of collagen in the body. Retinoids are also potent antioxidants that shield the body from damage caused by free radicals. Plus, they also help to minimize dark spots and acne issues. Hence, they are a definite must in your grooming arsenal if you have hit the forties. Retinoids help to keep the skin looking fresh always.

#2. Take Care of the Eyes

Eyes are the first places to show the signs of aging. Many people tend to overlook the area around the eyes during their Skincare. So once you have entered your forties, remember to take good care of your eyes. This is because the skin around the eyes is supposed to be thinner than other parts of the body, and this area is also less hydrated due to lack of oil and sweat glands. Due to these reasons, the wrinkles and fine lines that are considered to be the first signs of aging appear more quickly around the eye area. So start using an eye cream. Look out for eye creams that have antioxidant properties and help to increase blood flow.

#3. Ensure a Proper Lip Care

How many men care for their lips just as they do for the rest of their bodies? Well, lips are the second quickest ones to age after eyes. Lips, like eyes, are also devoid of sweat glands, and hence, they tend to dry out quickly, leading to chapped lips and a more wrinkled look once you start aging.

Another vital thing to note is that lips lack melanin and hence are more prone to damage from UV rays. So how does one take care of the lips? It's pretty simple. Use a quality lip balm that will help your lips to stay hydrated and, in that process, prevent chapping. Also, it is better to look out for a lip balm that comes with an SPF to protect your lips from the UV rays of the sun.

#4. Avoid Products that have too much fragrance

Fragrance? Yes, you heard it right. Typically skincare products contain three kinds of alcohol, namely basic alcohol, fatty alcohol, and aromatic alcohols. Of the three, many brands prefer to add aromatic alcohols to make their skincare products smell nice; plus, it goes well with customers also. However, what many guys do not know is that fragrance does not make your skin happy.

Men have always focused on fashion details, starting from pocket squares and hats to applying fragrances as a fashion statement. While it is true that a fragrance defines a man, it must be noted that while you were in your twenties, the skin was better able to withstand heavy fragrance. However, things have to be toned down as one hits the forties.

Aromatic alcohols can adversely affect sensitive skin, causing reactions ranging from simple allergies to even cancer when used for a long time. If you do want to use a fragrance, go for understated ones that are mild and fade away quickly. Better still, go in for natural essences like rose, lemon, peppermint, etc. Natural perfumes are gentle on the skin and do not have a strong smell. Fresh scent fragrances like scents with sandalwood and citrus fragrances are quite popular. Also, consider applying body oils that can be paired with your natural scent and body chemistry.

#5. Quit Smoking

Smoking is the worst enemy for the skin. Smoking causes the skin to lose its elasticity and moisture content and causes premature aging. Further heavy smokers can have discoloration of the skin, and they are also more likely to have skin infections in the future.

#6. Throw Away Your Alcohol-Based Aftershave

Alcohol in any form is bad for the skin, be it in drinks or aftershave. It is a common practice for men to use an alcohol-based aftershave as it helps to kill any bacteria. But what many men do not realize is that they are doing more harm to their skin in the long run than doing any good. Post a shave; the skin needs moisture, which cannot be compensated by an alcohol-based aftershave.Though an alcohol-based aftershave kills bacteria, it further dries the skin after a shave and causes a burning sensation.

So what would be the perfect aftershave for those in their forties? There are many moisturizer-based aftershaves that contain moisturizing ingredients sans alcohol. Such products do not dry the skin and also include certain types of oils that help to kill bacteria. Further, the moisturizing ingredient helps to replace the loss of moisture during the shaving process and keeps the skin hydrated and smooth.


So now you know the secret code to be fresh and supple skin in your forties. A solid skincare foundation incorporating these simple tips can help you emerge from the good ole' 40s looking more youthful and well-groomed than ever. Remember, effortless style in public takes a lot of work in private!

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