Mastering the Art of Shaving Pubic Hair for Men

Keeping it clean down, there can get you full marks from your significant other. Even if you’re not into styling those pubes, regular upkeep has its benefits health-wise, especially on a hot summer’s day. The infamous jock itch is a killer of passion like no other, not counting the foul odor, of course. Let’s avert a crisis before it is too late.

Flashback: If you were picturing those embarrassing moments as a teenager when your dad insisted on tutoring you in a particularly crucial life skill called pubic hair shaving a.k.a ‘Maintenance Down Stairs,’ you’re not alone! Wish you’d just listened, you say? Well, it’s never too late — this art, which is sure to help you lose your inhibitions.

First things first, stop blaming those genes for being well endowed with pubic hair. This unruly bunch of hair lining your genitals serves an essential purpose. It helps to keep dirt, bacteria, and debris away from your package. Now, you know why!

If you’re always on the go, set a reminder for every two weeks to give this very vital piece of real estate, a thorough shave. Unless you decide to risk going retro for a while, that is. In which case, you’re on your own!

As you know, when it comes to shaving around your jewels, misadventures can prove costly. So, before we begin, pause..take a deep breath... this is not meant to be quick work; you’ve got to go easy! A lot depends on having things handy when you need them. Oh! And don’t forget to shut the bathroom door behind you. No excuses there!

Right, here’s all the gear you’ll need to Shave Your Pubic Area for Men:

Zero Waste. Metal safety Razor
Photographer: Ignacio F. | Source: Unsplash

A multi-purpose electric razor with trim and shave modes (for that perfect close finish):

If you haven’t already, invest in a good quality body hair/beard trimmer with an ergonomic handle for better grip. Why? This nifty gadget will save you loads of time, right off the bat. Besides, these help you trim the long strands easily while avoiding collateral damage – nicks, cuts, and burns – if you used a pair of scissors instead. Not worth the risk, we say!

Shave Gel

A good lather before using the razor gets the job done much faster. It moisturizes the pubic hair strands and allows the blade to glide effortlessly. Our personal favorite: Cool menthol for its refreshing effect on the delicate skin down there. You won’t regret it.


Ditch the stock moisturizer you might have on your bathroom rack. Buy one that smells good and isn’t too greasy. You would not want to feel uncomfortable for hours later. Check for compatibility with your specific skin type. If your skin is prone to irritation, use a medicated powder after thoroughly drying the area, once you’re done shaving.

A fuzzy towel

Pat dry the area with a nice towel or body wipes (if you prefer) for that fresh, clean-as-new look and feel.

Steps to Shaving the Pubic Hair for Men:

And now, it’s time to get ‘down to business.’ Don’t worry! With all the prep you’ve done, it’ll all be over in 5 minutes or less.

1. Go after the ‘bulk’ first

We’ve touched upon this briefly already; it is much easier if you trim the wavy hairs around the groin and below. Doing this can save you tons of time, and you wouldn’t have to hold your breath while using the razor, either. Go ahead, cut the ‘curly mob’ down to size. Let it be known; the sheriff is in town!  

You can use a clipper too- the smallest ones you can find- for the first pass. That way, you can prevent the trimmer blades from being clogged. However, it is not for the faint of heart!

2. Shower

Heck! While you’re at it, you might as well shower. Why? A nice warm shower makes the pubic hair softer and opens up the pores of your skin, giving you a cleaner shave. As discussed earlier, you’ll have a much easier time shaving when the skin is moist.

3. Work the Razor Gently

We know you have places to be and things to do, but this is no time to rush; in your interest! Make sure the blade is sharp. Pull the skin taught and begin from the top down with light strokes, maintaining close, clean contact with the skin as you go.

The area around the scrotum can be hard to reach. Keep your eyes on target throughout. Remember, easy does it!

4.  Rinse and Repeat...

It’s a good idea to regularly rinse the blades to get rid of any product or skin particles it may have collected. It is better to use a handheld showerhead to get to those difficult to reach areas. This will ensure a better finish, especially if you want to leave a little stubble behind. Tedious, we know - but a whole lot better than having to use a pair of tweezers, as they did in ancient Egypt; believe it or not!

5).  ..and Still, Repeat!

If you didn’t get all the hair yet, rinse off the area and go over the same area again. So what if it takes a few more minutes. Imagine you have a hot date coming up; that should do the trick. Raise the stakes!

6).  Dry and Moisturize

Thoroughly dry the pubic area and genitals. It is normal to feel a tingling sensation. Next, it is time to moisturize. Don’t skimp on the amount of moisturizer you use. It helps soothe the skin and get rid of any inflammation, especially around sensitive areas like the scrotum. Work your hands in a circular motion around the groin area too. A good moisturizer will also help condition your skin and leave it feeling supple and fresh.

7. Styling your Pubes

Ever heard of Baron Martin Stillman von Brabus? He is said to have styled the pubic patch of his mistress, Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyl, into a logo resembling that of Mercedez Benz! If you have the time and inclination, why not try a style of your own- Tesla Motors, perhaps?

Hygiene, etiquette, or just pure whim-whatever your reason for shaving pubic hair for men, it is well worth the effort.

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