Why Men Shouldn't Compromise On The Hair Conditioner!

Ask any male if they use hair conditioner, and their first response would be, “Isn’t shampooing enough?” Well, the truth is everyone who has hair on their head can do with some conditioning. Hair conditioning is often associated with long tresses (hello TV advertisements), but the fact is men need to condition their hair as much as women.

Here’s Why Men Should Use A Hair Conditioner… Shampoos are for cleansing your hair - conditioners go a step further. Your hair is made up of many cells that tend to push out when damaged, resulting in rough and curly hair. Conditioners can tame the hair and make it smooth and manageable. Conditioners can also be termed as moisturizers for your hair as they keep your hair soft, frizz-free, and healthy.

1. Your hair does not dry out

Most men take it for granted that their hair will remain dry and rough, no matter what they do. This is far from the truth. Using a conditioner regularly will keep your hair smooth and moisturized, locking in the natural oil. By doing so, it also contributes to hair growth.

2. No dead ends for your hair

If your hair has dead ends, gear up for massive hair loss. Dead ends are usually a cry for help. When you use a hair conditioner containing hair-friendly ingredients, it rejuvenates your hair cells, removing frizz and damages. Your hair will come alive sooner than you imagine.

3. No tangles anymore

Does your partner hesitate to run their fingers through your hair? It could be because their fingers don’t make it through, thanks to the tangles! Your hair needn’t be full of knots for you to have a rugged persona. A hair conditioner makes your hair manageable, freeing your tangles and softening it.

4. Your hair smells awesome

That’s a bonus. You have a solution to body odor through deodorants, but nothing will help if your hair stinks. Most hair conditioners have a pleasant fragrance, which will remain for a long time. Pleasant-smelling, smooth, and healthy hair - isn’t that your hair goal? If yes, get that conditioner now.

How To Choose The Right Type of Conditioner

There are many different types of hair conditioners available in the market. You will have to choose one as per your hair needs. The main types of hair conditioners are regular, leave-in, repairing conditioners, and deep conditioners.

  • Regular hair conditioners are the most commonly used, and they are suitable for daily use. They help in moisturizing as well as strengthening your hair.
  • Leave-in conditioners are just that - you apply it and leave it. Leave-in conditioners are best suited for dry, damaged, and unmanageable hair. If you are the adventurous type and find yourself trekking and hiking in rough weather, then a leave-in conditioner is a must.
  • Hair repairing and deep conditioning hair conditioners may be available in the form of a hair mask or hair cream. They are beneficial for damaged and treated hair, as they provide nutrients to restore and replenish your hair and make it smooth. You can either use such conditioners in addition to your regular conditioner or use just these. Read the instructions before use.

Types Of Conditioner Men Can Use Based On The Type Of Hair

  • Thick Hair – Avoid conditioners that promise to add volume. Instead, opt for a hydrating conditioner to tame your hair and keep it manageable and healthy.
  • Oily Hair – You do not need to over-moisturize oily hair, and that is why a conditioner containing essential oils can be the right choice. It will help in removing greasiness, but will not strip off the natural oil. The essential oils also act as anti-bacterial agents and will prevent germ build up on your scalp.
  • Fine Hair - Use a mild conditioner containing herbal ingredients for fine hair because you do not want to pressurize it further with additional products. You get thickening conditioners that add volume to your hair and also will lend strength to your hair.
  • Dry Hair – Conditioning is essential for dry hair. You will need hydrating conditioners rich in vitamins to lock in moisture and to lend extra shine.

Types Of Conditioner Based On Hair Length

Photographer: Matthew Tkocz | Source: Unsplash

Do you have short hair, or do you keep it a tad longer?Once you choose the conditioner as per your hair type, the frequency of usage will depend on the length of your hair.If your hair is short, curly, or unmanageable as most men’s hair is, use conditioner on your hair at least twice a week. If your hair tends to be too curly, you can try using it daily. A tip, if shampooing daily, is to oil your hair first and then shampoo, so that your hair is not deprived of natural oils with daily cleansing. Also, only use a small amount of shampoo.Those with longer hair will need more conditioning, since nutrients often do not reach the hair ends, making it unhealthy in the long run. You should use conditioner at least thrice a week and ensure you apply it from root to tip.Always buy sulfate-free hair products. Sulfates are used to create lather. The more lather your conditioner evokes, the more it will dry your hair out. Conditioners moisturize your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. Look for products with natural ingredients such as essential oils, vitamin E, aloe, etc.You will find the process of using the conditioner in the pack, so follow it. Generally, you take a dab of the conditioner and rub it into your hair, ensuring it covers every hair till the tip. You can wait for a couple of minutes to let it soak and then rinse it off.Regular use of hair conditioner will not only make your hair soft and shiny but will also make your hair stronger and healthier and prevent hair loss. Don’t take your hair lightly - get that conditioner today!

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