6 Benefits of Being A Morning Person

If you are a morning lark and waking up early is in your genes, then you can actually be into quite a lot of things. Early birds not only get to view the beauty and serenity during the sunrise, but are also more productive and get to accomplish more jobs during the day. Waking up early has been stressed upon since time immemorial and has also been advocated by many personality development speakers.

Benefits of Being a Morning Person

Benjamin Franklin is said to have popularized a lark lifestyle through his most popular saying: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” He has also added that, “The early morning has gold in its mouth” – a translation of a German proverb. The famous philosopher Aristotle has also said, "It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.”

Waking up early is thus a powerful armament that is available to one and all, yet very few choose to utilize it. So, here are some benefits of being a morning person that will enthuse you to consistently rise early, if you already happen to be a morning person, or inspire you to turn into one soon.

Morning Persons are Relatively Happier:

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The argument put forward by two psychologists at the University of Toronto in 2012 was that a morning person had a better and enhanced positive sense of wellbeing as compared to a night person. This argument was based on the findings revealed from an assessment of a sample of adults (comprising 435 young adults and 297 older adults) on their mood and circadian rhythm.

The psychologists added that the disconnect between the conventional day time expectations and the night time preferences made life harder and more difficult for night owls, especially when it comes to facing daily challenges. This disconnect has been termed by social scientists as ‘social jetlag.’

The phenomenon ‘social jetlag’  happens with the evening types, who may have to force themselves to get up early from bed the next morning to perform their best during the day, and this sleep deprivation may lead to emotional distress, making them less happy. The researchers concluded in the journal Emotion that sleeping early and waking up early makes one merry as a lark.

Early Risers  Demonstrate Enhanced Productivity:

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High productivity is a significant reason why many successful personalities choose to be morning people. From Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, to Apple CEO Tim Cook, from Steve Jobs to Michelle Obama, the list of successful morning risers is endless. Such famous personalities are able to carve out more hours in the mornings than the late risers and are also ahead of their peers in real life. If you think these examples do not suffice, well hold on, there is also sufficient research to back this claim.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology has proved that a morning person is generally more productive and proactive as against their evening-type peers.[1] The study added that morning people are more inclined towards portraying better confidence and displaying a positive attitude.

Biologist Christoph Randler of Harvard published a research paper proving that early birds do really get the worm. [2] In addition to the above studies, it is generally a well-known fact that waking up early in the morning makes one encounter fewer distractions, as the world is still preparing for the day and there is a sense of calm during that time. This leads to better clarity of thoughts, more preparedness, and ultimately better productivity.

 Larks are More Probable to Exercise:

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One of the main excuses that people who do not exercise regularly tend to state is "lack of time." A hectic schedule is a major hindrance to regular workouts. Starting your day early means you will have more time for doing your workouts before the busy schedules of the day drive you crazy. Early risers thus tend to exercise more regularly and reap the various health benefits associated with such regular workouts.

There is a Sense of Achievement and Satisfaction:

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Quickly finishing your to-do list is one significant advantage of rising early. While the world is still lazy and dreaming, morning people wake up early to make their dreams turn into reality. The morning serenity and calm helps you better focus on your to-do list for the day as there are fewer obstacles and fewer distractions, which divert you from focusing on your goals.

So by the time the peak hours of the day begin, you have probably checked off a significant part of your to-do list. In short, you would already have Eaten the Frog! This brings in a great sense of satisfaction and achievement and motivates you to be prepared for the next day.

More Family Time and ‘ME’ Time:

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By finishing your goals for the day early, you can stay ahead in the day's rat race. There will be ample time left that can be utilized having a quality time with the family. The present-day busy lives leave no time for one to spend with his family, and neglecting the family can lead to severe adversities and regrets.

By beginning the day earlier, one can carve out more time towards the end of the day to receive the family when they come home from school or work. One can also spend time pursuing one's hobbies, watching movies, chatting with friends, or in short having a beautiful 'ME' time.

Early Birds are More Energized:

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One can feel more energy during the day if one wakes up early. The enthusiasm does not stem from the mere fact that you are a morning person, but from the fact that you can dedicate more time for physical and mental wellbeing in the form of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques and so on, all of which thrive well in a calm and serene environment.

Practicing such wellness techniques early in the morning helps to release endorphins that are responsible for that feel-good factor required for the rest of the day.

Mornings are thus the key to our success. Many of us are quite adept at hitting that snooze button and trying to catch up on some more sleep. Though such persons may realize the importance of being a morning person, and try to eliminate the habit, it merely seems to be an enormous task. So how does one make it happen?  The answer is pretty simple.

Try to take things slowly, begin by waking up a few minutes earlier every day until you feel you have achieved the early morning wake-up time. Look forward to doing some interesting the first thing in the morning like listening to your favorite music channel, gardening, etc., and this will motivate you to wake up early.

You can also keep the alarm at a distance from the bed that will force you to get up and turn it off. If you still cannot get through, then take a second look at the above benefits, get motivated and kick start your day.

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