The Truth About Anti-Aging Products... Revealed!

If there is one term that has taken the skincare industry by storm today, it has to be ‘anti-aging.’ Sure, there are some male icons like Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney who have chosen to go ‘au naturale’ and age gracefully, wrinkles and lines et al. But, the unpleasant truth is, the creases and folds won’t look as charming on your skin!

The market is chock full of products that claim to protect your skin from the ravages of time. Do they work? Yes, to some extent, but if you think that these products make your skin flawlessly young, you are in for some major disappointments! Here is a guide on the truth about anti-aging products and also on how to fight aging in your own way.

How Do Men Age?

A photo of my father who is turning 70.
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Aging is a natural process, and usually, the first signs appear in the late 20s. The late 40s are when skin looks older with wrinkles, fine lines and spots becoming more prominent.

The primary reason for skin aging is reduced levels of collagen. It is the structural protein that keeps cells together. As age advances, the production of collagen decreases, thereby causing wrinkles and fine lines. Though you will not be able to stop the process, you can at least minimize the impact with the right products, and a healthy and active lifestyle.

Tips To Fight Aging… The Right Way!

1. Healthy life

What you give your body is what it will give in return. Eat nutritious meals, including green vegetables, lean meat, fruits, and nuts. Consume enough water daily to help in skin hydration and to flush toxins out of the body.

Avoid junk food, too much sugar, and oil. Aerated drinks, alcohol, and smoking accelerate aging. Spend some time outdoors exercising, brisk walking, and more. Be positive, smile often, and practice gratitude – try these tips, because they work better than products!

2. Adopt a skincare routine

  • Sun protection: Use sunscreen daily, at home, and outside. Look for products containing natural SPF more than 15. Extreme sun exposure not only ages skin faster but can also cause various skin ailments.
  • CTM helps: The Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing routine helps the skin in various ways. It helps remove dead skin cells, strengthens skin cells, and hydrates your skin to keep it fresh, healthy, and radiant all the time.

    Use a good moisturizer daily as lack of moisture in the skin leads to drying of skin cells, thereby causing wrinkles and fine lines. Look for products with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea extracts, and essential oils.  

3. Anti-aging products

Make sure you are buying an effective product, only after thorough research - since a lot of them don’t really work. Use them as directed, while focusing on the forehead and the eye area, as these are the parts where fine lines start appearing first. Using a quality eye cream can help refresh eye areas and reduce puffiness, dark circles, and other aging signs.

Here Are Some Of The Ingredients A Good Anti-Aging Product Will Have…

1. Antioxidants:

Blue Berry
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They are present in fruits, vegetables, and nuts as well. A product containing a high proportion of antioxidants will work wonders on your skin. Antioxidants are beneficial in many ways, including stimulating collagen production, and protection from UV rays. Free radicals or the unstable oxygen molecules cause breakage of skin cells resulting in wrinkles. Antioxidants also help fight free radical damage, an important step to prevent aging of the skin.

Antioxidants help in cell repair, thereby preventing skin aging and keeping skin youthful and healthy. Green tea extracts, grape seed extracts as well as Vitamin C contain antioxidants. You needn’t wait till the appearance of wrinkles to use anti-aging products with antioxidants. You can start early because antioxidants also help in preventing aging, as much as they do in reversing it.

2. Vitamin C:

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Creams and lotions containing Vitamin C help in controlling skin damage and promoting new cell growth. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant. It not only helps in collagen production, but also boosts the strength and elasticity of your skin, keeping it young and radiant.

3. Retinol:

One of the superstars in anti-aging products, retinol is very effective as an anti-aging ingredient. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and is found in aloe vera. Most anti-aging products contain retinol as it helps in improving skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

 A word of caution though - products containing retinol can cause skin irritation. If you wish to use such products, do a test on your wrist, and then continue using. Aloe vera gel is a preferable option, but use a natural one and not the scented green gel. Natural aloe vera gel is colorless and odorless.

4. Alpha Hydroxy Acids:

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Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs are found in different forms, the most common ones being glycolic acid and lactic acid. The best advantage of AHAs is its ability to reverse the adverse effects on the skin due to aging.

One of the reasons for dull and damaged skin is the accumulation of dead skin cells. Our skin sheds billions of dead cells every day on its own, but advanced age slows down the process. The dead cells keep collecting on the skin, damaging it along the way. Alpha Hydroxy Acids help in thorough exfoliation of the skin, removing the dead cells and helping in skin renewal.

The problem is that AHAs can cause sun sensitivity and thus you should use them only along with a sunscreen. You should also make sure that the product is suitable for your skin type.

5. Hyaluronic Acid:

It is a natural component produced in the body which helps collagen production as well as in preserving skin moisture. It contributes to the tissue-repair and helps maintain skin agility. No wonder then, that it is often referred to as the ‘Fountain of Youth’!

As age advances, hyaluronic acid levels decrease, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. When you buy an anti-aging product with hyaluronic acid, ensure that it is present in high quantity.

6. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM):

It may sound like a chemical substance, but it is a natural component present in certain vegetables such as spinach and kale. MSM is helpful in many ways. It enhances the elasticity of the skin, making it supple and young.

MSM also increases the absorbing capacity of skin cells, and helps reduce pigmentation and spots.

To conclude, not all anti-aging products may be effective enough, but you need them, considering skin ages faster today due to pollution and largely unhealthy lifestyles.

The best way to go about it is to buy good quality products that contain the right anti-aging ingredients in the right quantity, eat healthy, exercise, and follow a good skincare regime. This should help keep aging at bay for as long as possible!

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