Adult Acne in Men: What is it, What are its Causes, and How to Treat It?

Skin Issues are no joke, they can be source of lack of confidence and frustration   which can manifest in other parts of your life. one Men suffer from various skin issues perhaps even more than women, and most prevalent such issue is acne. Although acne is a common occurrence during the teenage years, it can follow you into adulthood, too.


For men with facial hair, it can get even worse, and many a time, it can turn the easy task of shaving into a nightmare!

Besides being painful and potentially capable of leaving unfading acne scars on the face, acne can appear embarrassing as well. As in any other skin condition, you will need to understand the causes in order to find a remedy for acne. However, irrespective of the cause, acne won’t vanish in a day.

 Man Putting on Acne Treatment

Causes of Adult Acne

There could be several reasons behind adult acne, ranging from diet to lifestyle, and it could differ from person to person.


#1. Excess oil secretion:

The skin follicles secrete natural oil termed as sebum. This oil is essential in keeping our skin smooth and healthy. The problem arises when there is excess oil production, which results in increased bacterial growth, further blocking the pores leading to acne. The inflamed reaction and redness occur due to follicle rupture.


#2. Too much stress:

If you are constantly worrying about something, then chances of you getting acne are quite high. Stress stimulates androgen hormone production, which in turn pushes the sebaceous glands to release more sebum. Now you must have understood that the general perception that more hormones means better, in this case is not entirely right. Your body is governed by a flow of hormones, but just the right levels of hormones. So, you must keep your hormone levels in check. Reduce stress and try smiling, mediate, exercise when you see your acne. That could help!


#3. Genes:

Most of our health conditions are linked to our genes, and acne is no different. In such cases, you could be suffering from acne because either of your parents had it. While you can’t fight genes, you can very well fight acne!


#4. Dry skin:

If your skin is dry, the sebaceous glands may have to work overtime to produce more oil to reduce the skin dryness. This could possibly lead to clogging of pores. Lend your skin the right amount of moisture to prevent acne build up.


#5. Toxins:

Beware of the toxins present inside and outside of your body. The chemicals you use on your skin could be toxic and give you acne. Avoid harsh skin products and choose the mild ones made exclusively for men. Your girlfriend’s moisturizer may not cut it for your skin. Instead, you should try natural products that are suited for skin type.


#6. Diet:

There might be some disagreements here. Though there are different views on whether any one diet can cause acne, but new studies are confirming that an unhealthy diet can, indeed, lead to acne in adult men. Go easy on fast food and try to cook at home.


#7. Medications:

Certain drugs or hormone medications, too, can cause acne.


#8. Unhealthy lifestyle:

Are you drinking hard and working even harder? It is time to start to build a life that is more in harmony with our body’s need for rest and recovery. You should consume healthy food, exercise, get a good night’s rest and invest hobbies . 


Treatment for Adult Men Acne

The sad news is that there is no permanent cure for acne, but the good news is that it can certainly be managed and kept in control. Here is what you can do.


#1. Cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing:

Following a skincare routine to combat acne is essential to keep acne in control. Also, remember to buy natural gentle products, especially the ones which suit your skin type. Start with cleansing your face to remove dirt from your skin. Prefer mild cleansers to give your face a gentle scrub. Do not irritate your skin, as the condition may worsen. Cleansing removes dead skin cells and also helps to keep your skin healthy and young.

The next step is exfoliating using a scrub for men’s skin type. This needs to be done only once or twice a week. Refrain from hard scrubbing on your face and try to remain gentle. Once you are done with cleansing and scrubbing, apply a mild toner. Most toners contain alcohol, which isn’t good for acne-prone skin. Therefore, look for toners with natural ingredients such as witch hazel, cucumber, aloe vera, etc. Natural products do not cause a change in skin’s pH levels, thereby preventing excess oil production.

The next step is to apply a good men’s moisturizer. Here too, tread with caution. Apply only a little, because too much hydration can aggravate clogging of pores. The trick is to keep your skin hydrated but in moderation. Drink more water as it helps in naturally moisturizing your skin.


#2. Medicines:

If you find acne too painful and unmanageable, visit a dermatologist. Medicines that contain salicylic acid, azelaic acid, retinoic acid, isotretinoin, or benzoyl peroxide have proven to be effective for acne treatment. You must refrain from self-medication without a doctor’s advice.


#3. Laser therapy:

Laser therapies are often used to treat mild and moderate acne cases, though caution is advised when undergoing these procedures. Some men resort to laser therapy after getting acne scars. You should consult an expert, because acne makes your skin sensitive. Not all skin types react to laser positively.


 Man Touching his Acne

#4. Don’t touch your acne:

In a hurry to cure acne, some may pick at it to remove the pus, but this is just not helpful. It can make the condition turn worse and even leave permanent marks on your face. While cleansing and moisturizing, too, you should remain careful to not irritate your acne. Remember, even if nobody cares about your sensitive nature, you should be sensitive enough to care about your acne. 

Though the steps mentioned above are the most commonly sought-after treatments for adult acne, these are not miracle cures. You need to be patient, perseverant and try to smile and be more relaxed. This might not prevent acne, but you will surely learn to manage it well.

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