9 Awesome Hair Care Tips For Men


A swipe here, and a swipe there - and your hair’s done! Those were the good old days – the days when you were young, could skip the conditioner and load your locks with countless, different products every day! Youthful hair, much like skin, didn’t take much to be healthy. No matter how much you styled it and how much you ignored it, it remained unwaveringly resilient.


Unfortunately, the wheel of time takes a toll on everyone. It isn’t long before you realize that volume, shine, and finish require excellent hair care. Fortunately, gents, the art of hair care demands following only a few tips. Nine, to be exact. Follow them, and you won’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying over wiry, patchy, or haywire hair!

The 9 Hair Care Tips For Men (Yes, Just Nine Small Ones!)


1. Find The Right Shampoo…

Excellent hair care begins with a thorough wash. If your end goal is better strength or more thickness or shinier finish, you need a shampoo that meticulously cleanses the scalp and hair. The ideal shampoo will be full of natural and gentle ingredients. Something chock full of Vitamin E, amino acids, and hydrolyzed wheat protein would be perfect.

2. But… Don’t Wash It Every Day!

To all the men out there, every time you shower, you needn’t wash your hair. Even the most organic shampoos have some quantity of chemicals, that might ruin your silky mane. For stimulating cleanliness, experiment to find the number of days, you can do without shampoo. Most often, it's every third day, but you can keep your schedule based on your convenience.

3. Use Shampoo The Right Way…

You find the perfect shampoo. You use it on appropriate days. Yet, the hair is as unmanageable as ever. Well, that’s the third trick to a good mop of hair. Your shampooing-skills are down in the dumps. Instead of washing thoroughly, you’re leaving dirt and chemical residue on your scalp. Slowly, it builds up and weighs down each follicle, giving you a flat and greasy look.

  • A proper clean requires just a coin-sized dollop (yes, really) of shampoo. Pouring a river of any product on your hair creates a lot of lather, which is sure to leave traces of dried chemicals in your mane. Not using enough will not take care of the excess sebum. Long story short, don’t make a half-assed effort, but don’t go overboard either!
  • Accompany the shampoo with lukewarm water. While a cold shower is great to banish sleepiness, it doesn’t help get rid of grime. Also, steer clear of hot water if you don’t want your hair to be dry and brittle.

4. Find A Good Scrub, Use It Moderately

What’s the biggest concern men have with hair? Thinning. What keeps the follicles invigorated for hearty growth? A scrub. Once a week, mix a scrub in your shampoo and then wash your hair. Again, don’t make a half-baked effort. Massage the scrub on your scalp with your finger-pads in gentle motions. The scrub + shampoo blend spurs blood flow to the hair roots and lifts any hair product or junk stuck there.

5. Never Skip On The Conditioner

Boys, a good conditioner is not just for the ladies. While the shampoo scrapes away grime and oil, conditioner nourishes your hair. It’s the only thing that smoothens hair cuticles and offers a shiny texture.


Think of it as the essential moisturizer for the scalp and hair. The misfortunes of wiry, rough, and frizzy hair are only solvable through conditioners. Use it after every wash.

6. Conditioners Help Post-Shower Too…

You thought conditioners are meant just for the shower. Think again. Hair is a lot like facial skin. When your pores are open, your face becomes a warzone, with pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and everything else that looks ugly. Similarly, when the hair cuticles are open, you end up with frizzy fluff that refuses to settle.


A conditioner, especially one that has a touch of oil it in, seals the cuticles while adding on a layer of luster. Next time, your hair is stubbornly dry or dull, touch it up with conditioner. While styling, take a tiny amount and knead it into damp hair (do not rinse).

7. Be Merciful, Not A Cro-Magnon…

We’re living in the times of Snapchats and Twitter, gentlemen. There is no need to have the habits of a caveman. Be gentle with your hair — all the time. When you step out of the shower, don’t be on a mission to dry it in seconds and attack it with a towel. Aggressive motions, like rubbing furiously, pulls and break the hair. Pat, it dries or rubs in mellow movements.


The same dictum applies to comb. It is not necessary to yank the brush through your head. It’ll just leave your scalp stinging and hair thinning. Keep the motion smooth and seamless.

8. Get A Cut (Seriously)!

Yes, hair care is beyond the shower and bathroom mirror. Because most men keep their hair short, a cut once every three weeks is crucial. Think of it like the match you can’t miss for fear of your team losing.


We get that it seems counter-intuitive to be back in the barber’s chair so frequently, but believe us, it’s the quintessential path to healthy hair. If you’ve been delaying a trip, get to it. Now!

9. And While You’re At It, Be Cautious About The Kind Of Cut…

The Mohawk is for some. The crew cut for others. The clean shave for even fewer souls. The last tip in the book of hair care for men is to pick a haircut (wisely). If thinning is an issue for you, go for texture. Variation in length or some layers will give the head a fuller appearance and create the illusion of volume.

Don’t Be Thrifty, Work For Your Hair

We know there is no better investment than the skin. We work for our skin so that the suit we wear looks dapper. Then why leave the hair behind? A man’s grooming regime goes far beyond the face. Stop being thrifty and follow the nine essential tricks to haircare.

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