10 Things that Every One Must Have in Their Bathroom

The minimalist man never bothers to think about the bathroom essentials beyond a shaving kit.

Most men anyway like to keep things relaxed and straightforward when it comes to organizing the bathroom essentials.

Why Bathroom Essentials are a Must?

However, going by the less is more concept, what most men fail to realize is that having a bathroom equipped with all the latest bath essentials will save them more time and money as they can quickly prep up for work on busy Mondays, or have that luxurious and lavish grooming routine on lazy weekends.

Here are some essentials that every man must have in his bathroom

1. A Toiletry Bag:

A toiletry bag helps in keeping your daily stuff, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and personal grooming items, well organized. There is no last-minute confusion, especially when you have to rush to work. Also, these toiletry bags are portable, meaning you can carry them out in a jiffy when you are going to the gym.

2. A Soft Bathrobe:

If you hold the opinion that a soft towel is enough to dry you out, you may have to rethink. Bathrobes are an often overlooked bath necessity. Towels can never match the coziness of a bathrobe.

Also, plush bathrobes might help you on busy mornings to come out of the shower and finish your breakfast before getting dressed. With a robe on, you can even afford to sit and relax post a lavish bath during weekends.

3. A Good Quality Showerhead with Multiple Options:

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Investing in a quality showerhead essentially makes a big difference in your bathing routine. Quality showerheads offer the perfect mix of hot and cold water at the right pressure.

These showerheads also come with various features, like rub-clean jets that make cleaning of showerheads effortless, and hands-free options, like an adjustable overhead bracket that lets one point the showerhead exactly where one desires for that hands-free bathing experience. Once you invest in a quality showerhead, you will definitely realize the difference between a good morning and a great morning!

4. A Glass Shower Door:

Glass Shower Door

Your shower is your oasis that offers you the much-needed escape from a tiring workday or a rejuvenating vibe to kickstart the day after a relaxed overnight sleep. So, there’s something more one would prefer than maneuvering those clumsy thin curtains during a good bath.

Not only are they hard to clean, but they are also saggy. Shower doors are a good option, which gives the illusion of a larger bath space. They also allow more artificial as well as natural light to flow in, which is essential for performing your daily routine.

Further, a glass shower door eliminates those breezy and cold drafts typical in shower curtains. Another advantage is that these doors allow flexibility in designing your shower space; for instance, a vast area for an expansive spa or a small corner cube for a walk-in shower.

5. A Bath Mat or Bath Rug:

A bath mat is something a bathroom cannot be complete without. These are minor bathroom essentials that greatly enhance the design of a bathroom without costing a bomb. The significant benefit of a bath mat or a bath rug is that they prevent any slippages which might occur right after coming out of the shower to dry.

Memory foam mats are quite attractive as they offer the most gentle landing-zone post-shower, plus they are quite helpful for those having heel or calf pain. As memory foam contours to the body, they provide great support to those pressure points and are also less squeaky and noisy.

6. Fogless Mirrors:

Fogless Mirrors

Fogless mirror is an excellent bathroom essential and a handy accessory, especially if you love to shave under the shower. Fogless mirrors are embedded with water-repellent technologies, which prevent steam condensing on it. The benefit is that you can see your face in the mirror clearly while enjoying a hot shower. No more cuts when shaving.

7. A Bathroom Organizer:

relax in this gorgeous tub
Photographer: Chastity Cortijo | Source: Unsplash

Bathrooms look incomplete sans a storage section. Bathroom organizer is an intelligent method of organizing all your bathroom essentials. A good bathroom organizer helps to keep things well-organized while also adding to the overall style quotient. Spaces under the sink, above the shower or above the WC are excellent choices for putting up the bathroom organizers.

Bathroom organizers come in various materials, like wood, metal, and glass, and one can make a choice keeping in view the style of the bathroom. It is recommended to install bathroom organizers at comfortably accessible positions so that you don’t hurt yourself while reaching out to it.  

8. A Towel Warmer:

While a towel warmer may sound like a luxury to many, they are an absolute necessity, especially if you live in cold climates with freezing temperatures. The benefit of towel warmers is that they help to keep your towels dry and toasty.

Most bathrooms rarely see sunlight and, hence, have a natural chill. Installing heated towel rails or a towel warmer will bring in some warmth into the bathroom. Plus, they will also keep your towels hygienic, for dry towels prevent the dampness, which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

9. Countertop Accessories:

A well-stocked set of countertop accessories is a must-have for any bathroom. Countertop accessories not only eliminate chaos and clutter but also offer an equal amount of style and function. Accessories can include sink outfit accessories like a soap dispenser, tissue holders, soap dishes, towel racks for small face towels, divided toothbrush stand, tumbler cup, etc.

10. Storage Jars:

Storage jars complement the countertop accessories well and stack all the consumables required in the bathroom. No more searching for small items like cotton balls, cotton swabs, bath salts, Q-tips, soap bars, etc.

These apothecary or mason storage jars offer a classic touch to the bathroom and are also functional on top of being classic.

Mason storage jars are chic and budget-friendly options that provide quick access to any essential bath sundries.

So, turn your bathroom into an exotic restroom with these ten must-have essentials and give yourself the pleasure of comfort and luxury.

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